Nolan Beddiaf and Maite Ancín revalidate their P2P victory

French EOSkate World Team skater NOLAN BEDDIAF and A.D. San Juan skater MAITE ANCÍN from Navarre won the second stage of the P2P between Pamplona and Puente La Reina, reediting both their victory in last year's race. Both also won the overall classification of the race, which this year included a first stage between Zubiri and Pamplona of 21.7 kilometres. Beddiaf was fifth yesterday and Maite Ancín, first.

The race was marked by the conditions of the road, which was wet almost all the way, but this did not prevent the skaters from running at a dizzying pace. In fact, Beddiaf reached the finish line in 1 hour and 6 minutes, only 3 minutes slower than the race record. His teammate Martin Ferrie and Patxi Peula from Vitoria were the protagonists of the first 15 kilometres of the race, as they escaped up to Cizur and skated alone for a good part of the race. Peula was the first to cross the flying finish line in Ororbia. At kilometre 20, a group of 13 skaters absorbed Peula while Ferrie insisted on the breakaway. The cause was known a few minutes later: his team-mate Nolan Beddiaf jumped on the road to Belascoáin together with another French rider, Jimmy Jouette, becoming from that moment on the top favourite to win the race. Climbing the Orendáin pass, Beddiaf increased the pace to stay alone at the head of the race and skated to the finish line at Puente La Reina in first place to take the win.

Beddiaf also won the Ciriza flying finish and the Premio de Montaña. The second classified in Puente La Reina was Patxi Peula and the third was the Colombian Álex Cuajavante in a sprint of five riders who entered the finish line 15 seconds behind Beddiaf.

Results of the first stage P2P 2019

The German skater of the Powerslide Matter World Team FELIX RIJHNEN and the Spanish skater of the Agrupación Deportiva San Juan MAITE ANCÍN have been the winners of the first stage of the P2P 2019, the Zubiri - Pamplona.

After 21.7 kilometres of running, both victories were decided by a sprint at the finish line on Avenida Carlos III in Pamplona. By just three thousandths of a second, the recently proclaimed European Marathon Champion Felix Rijhnen beat Patxi Peula from Vitoria in a finish 500 metres before, on the Cuesta del Labrit, by the Spanish skater. French runner Elton De Souza was third, barely a metre behind the first two.

The women's sprint took place just two minutes after the men and was launched at the same point as in the men's category, on the long climb of the last kilometre into the city of Pamplona at the foot of its centenary walls. On the last left turn just 30 metres before the finish line, a slip by the Colombian Aura Quintana prevented her from taking the final sprint from the Navarrese Maite Ancín, who won ahead of Quintana and the European Marathon champion, her team-mate Maialen Oñate.

The race was vibrant, with a peloton of 30 skaters ahead in which Frenchman Timothy Loubineaud and Felix Rijhnen, teammates, alternated breakaway attempts that were neutralised by the big group. At the flying finish in Zabaldica, first place went to Patxi Peula in a very tight intermediate sprint. The victory in the women's category went to Maite Ancín.

The second peloton of the race included all the favourites for the win, skidding approximately one kilometre behind the first race group. Ahead the peloton was given a few kilometres of respite as it crossed Huarte and Villava, a point that French rider Thibaut Fauconnet took advantage of to try to get a breakaway that would frustrate the final sprint. This was not the case despite the efforts of Indian rider Amitesh Mishra two kilometres from the finish line. Finally in the last kilometre the sprint was launched and the photo finish saw Rijhnen win ahead of Peula and De Souza.

The group of skaters reached the Cuesta del Labrit in a compact group of twenty, where Maite Ancín set a sustained pace until the finish line, which earned her the victory.

Frenchman Nolan Beddiaf and Maite Ancín from Navarre, winners of the P2P 2018

Frenchman Nolan Beddiaf and Navarre's Maite Ancín winners of the 2018 P2P in an exciting sprint contested with their supporters.

Nolan Beddiaf has been the winner of the X edition of the Pamplona - Puente Skate Marathon held today Sunday 9th with a time of 1h 08 m 51s with an average of 36'764 km/h. The Frenchman of the EOSkate World Team, several times world champion and winner of the P2P in 2010 in a spectacular race very disputed from the start with a group of 10 riders in the lead. Second to cross the finish line was his compatriot, winner in 2017 and also world champion Ewen Fernandez of Rollerblade World Team. The third classified was the Valencian David Morell, also international of the In-Gravity International Team.

A very close finish has been the one that has opened the women's podium. The Navarre Maite Ancín of the A.D. San Juan-Donibane KE, international medalist has crossed the finish line in a spectacular sprint crossing the finish line in a time of 1h 17m 6s 060 hundredths. The Argentinean and world champion, Rocío Berbel, last year's record winner, came in shortly after in a time of 1h 17m 6s 603 hundredths. Ancín achieved the first place in the 2015 marathon with 1h 14 minutes 30 seconds. Third place went to Maialen Oñate, also from Navarre, in a time of 1h 21m 10s.

The strong storms that fell during the early morning did not prevent more than 400 skaters, both federated and popular, to go out, although the pace of the race was very different due to the circumstances and conditions that also made it very difficult to beat the record in this edition, which is in 1:03:25 in the men's category and 01:12:27 in the women's category. It is the first time in these ten editions in which the weather has not favored the runners.

This year there has been an important novelty with respect to the first peloton of the women's category who, with 2 km to go to the finish line, have run a separate lane from the men's, coming together again in the last 800 meters, so that they could compete in the final sprint in a cleaner way.

The first to cross the Ororbia finish line was Juan Cruz Araldi from Argentina and Maite Ancín from Navarre. The Ciriza flying goal was for the Vitoriano Aitor Vacas and for the Argentinean Rocío Berbel. The mountaintop in Orendáin was won by the second classified Ewen Fernández and in the women's category by Maite Ancín. The prize for the first Navarrese was won by Dani Muro, one of the first promoters of this P2P, a prize that he also shares with Maite Ancín.

This edition we have been able to enjoy a screen at the finish line where we have been able to watch live the development of the race. Four cameras have collected images at various points of the race while the national coach, Garikoitz Lerga and Javier Saralegui of Onda Cero commented from the streaming the development of the race.