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Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre, winners again at the XIV Pamplona - Puente La Reina Skating Marathon 2023

Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre, winners again at the XIV Pamplona - Puente La Reina Skating Marathon 2023

The French skaters of the EOSkate World Team Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre have won the finish line in Puente La Reina of the XIV Marathon that joins Pamplona with the aforementioned town. A marathon of great interest for runners as it is one of the few that starts in one town and finishes in another instead of being held in a closed circuit.

Once again Nolan Beddiaf and his teammate Martin Ferrie dominated the race, breaking away on the climb to Cizur Menor and maintaining and increasing their advantage throughout the rest of the race. The two riders rode 35 kilometers together, relieving each other every minute until the finish line, suffering an enormous wear and tear due to the headwind that prevented them from reaching the second of their objectives, to get closer to the 60 minutes of race time. Beddiaf stopped the clock in 1h 05' 30" to the applause of the public present on the finishing straight. He arrived hand in hand with his teammate Ferrie but his skate crossed the finish line first.

A few minutes later, Colombian skater Juan David Piedrahita took third place by winning the sprint over a small group of riders, the only ones able to keep up with the French.

To know the name of the winner would have to wait until the hour and 14 minutes of race. At that moment, Marine Lefeuvre and Maite Ancín, from Navarre, arrived together with several other skaters, who had put the French skater under a tight marking, knowing that this was going to be the female victory. The EOSkate skater had been escorted by her teammates until the aforementioned climb to Cizur, when her strong pace broke the peloton into several groups.

In the decisive sprint after 42 kilometers Lefeuvre won by a few tenths to Ancín, who came second. The third position was for the A.D. San Juan runner Luisa Ayala, a first year senior runner who has made an excellent race.

On this occasion the usual challenge at the finish line after the marathon has had to be suspended: the rain that had respected the marathoners has begun to fall on Puente La Reina a quarter of an hour before the challenge, and the organization has decided for the safety of the participants that the sprint between the champion of Spain Roller-Ski, Irati Cuadrado, and the recently proclaimed runner-up of the world speed, Daniel Milagros, who had just finished the marathon on skates, would not take place. It remains pending therefore for what will be the XV edition of the P2P Skate Race next year.