The P2P Pamplona - Puente, is internationally recognized for being the most beautiful and hardest in the world.

Benefits with your registration
Race bib and time chip

You will have to go to the place and time provided with a supporting document (ID card, passport...) and showing the registration email.

Gift commemorative

Registration for any stage includes a commemorative gift that will be given at the time of picking up the race bib. 

locker service

The organization will transport the bags of the participants who wish to do so from Pamplona to Puente la Reina.

Refreshments in the race

Each refreshment point will have food and beverages that will vary depending on the kilometre where it is located. 

Assistance and medical insurance

The marathon has contracted an accident insurance for all participants.

Service showers

In Puente la Reina Osabidea Municipal Sports Complex.

Frequently asked questions
Solve your doubts and questions about P2P and get to the starting line with all the guarantees.

 P2P is considered a medium technical level. You should be used to skating at 30-40 km/h, downhill and be more or less fit. If not, we recommend you to train hard and well to be able to participate in the next edition.

Of course, your biggest obstacle may be the downhills, but your goal is not to compete, so you can take it easy and enjoy this wonderful ride.

Yes, the broom bus will pick up the skaters who run out of time. The time to finish is 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Berriro Ere we encourage you to do the test, because regardless of the distance you get to go, you will enjoy an open circuit test with spectacular scenery.

Yes, but remember: the more weight you carry, the more it will slow you down. A pair of lightweight trainers may be useful at some point.

The helmet of course and we recommend gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc...

No, in fact all skaters are insured by the organisation.

With the registration fee, participants are entitled to:
- Participant's bib
- Accident insurance
- Time chip
- Commemorative gift
- Left-luggage service
- Refreshments during the race
- Shower service

The race bib may only be returned for justified reasons (detailed in the regulations) and always with the presentation of a medical certificate.

It is necessary to have a valid ID card or identification document.

If it is another person who collects your bib number, they must also present a copy (printed or on their mobile phone) of your ID card or identity document.


Participants may leave one bag per person in the areas set aside for this purpose, and will be taken by the organisers to the finish area of each stage.

Bag drop-off times will be from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in Pamplona.

All backpacks/bags must be duly marked with a receipt that will be given with the race bib.


In Puente la Reina you can shower at the Osabidea Municipal Sports Complex.

No, the chip is already activated.

It shall be placed in the upper part of the helmet, without bending, breaking or manipulating it. Graphic instructions shall be available to show the correct placement of the chip.

The bib number must be placed on the left side of the leg, without prejudice to what is indicated by the organization or judges at the time of the start.

2 liquid refreshment posts and 1 solid and liquid refreshment post.
Finish area: solid and liquid refreshment post in the finish area.

Yes, the time limit is set at 2h30min.

The results will be published at the end of the stage.

They will be visible in the results section of the official website, RRSS and in the finish area.

All multimedia content will be published on the Official Website and on P2P's RRSS.