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Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre double in XIII P2P

Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre double in XIII P2P

The French skaters of the EOSkate World Team Nolan Beddiaf and Marine Lefeuvre have won the second stage of the P2P 2022, the mythical marathon Pamplona - Puente La Reina stopping the clock in 1 hour 3 minutes and 50 seconds and 1 hour, 9 minutes and 40 seconds respectively.
Both had also won Saturday's stage, the half marathon Zubiri - Pamplona, making them the winners of the general classification.

The race started at ten o'clock in the morning from Taconera street in Pamplona with an excellent weather for skating: dry ground, 15 degrees and sun and clouds. On the climb to Cizur the EOSkate World Team skaters tightened the race stretching the group and managing to fragment it, so that only ten skaters were able to keep up with them. They remained in a second intermediate group of 30 skaters, including the podium of Saturday: Marine Lefeuvre, Maite Ancin and Nathalia Bermudez. After the first third of the race, the good breakaway took place: Nolan Beddiaf and his teammate Martin Ferrié, second in the first stage, took meters and
seconds of advantage over their pursuers, an advantage that they would not lose until the finish of Puente La Reina - Gares. For several kilometers they were accompanied by Carlos Tarazona, who however would lose the leading duo in the demanding climb of Ciriza. The second half of the race was ridden alone by Ferrié and Beddiaf, with the former winning in Puente La Reina, raising his arms with his teammate.
Behind Lefeuvre and Ancín remained in the company of about 20 skaters, climbing with them the Orendáin pass and arriving as a group at the sprint finish in Puente La Reina. Third in the men's category was Carlos Tarazona and in the women's category, Nathalia Bermúdez.

The morning was capped off perfectly with the 100-meter sprint challenge between 16-year-old motocross rider Aitana Peña, the Euskadi champion, and sprinter Luisa González. To match the challenge Aitana zigzagged between four cones and jumped a narrow ramp while Luisa sprinted on smooth terrain. By just a few hundredths of a second Aitana Peña has won the challenge of the P2P 2022, which will take us all to the fourteenth edition next year.