Nolan Beddiaf and Maite Ancín revalidate their P2P victory

French EOSkate World Team skater NOLAN BEDDIAF and A.D. San Juan skater MAITE ANCÍN from Navarre won the second stage of the P2P between Pamplona and Puente La Reina, reediting both their victory in last year's race. Both also won the overall classification of the race, which this year included a first stage between Zubiri and Pamplona of 21.7 kilometres. Beddiaf was fifth yesterday and Maite Ancín, first.

The race was marked by the conditions of the road, which was wet almost all the way, but this did not prevent the skaters from running at a dizzying pace. In fact, Beddiaf reached the finish line in 1 hour and 6 minutes, only 3 minutes slower than the race record. His teammate Martin Ferrie and Patxi Peula from Vitoria were the protagonists of the first 15 kilometres of the race, as they escaped up to Cizur and skated alone for a good part of the race. Peula was the first to cross the flying finish line in Ororbia. At kilometre 20, a group of 13 skaters absorbed Peula while Ferrie insisted on the breakaway. The cause was known a few minutes later: his team-mate Nolan Beddiaf jumped on the road to Belascoáin together with another French rider, Jimmy Jouette, becoming from that moment on the top favourite to win the race. Climbing the Orendáin pass, Beddiaf increased the pace to stay alone at the head of the race and skated to the finish line at Puente La Reina in first place to take the win.

Beddiaf also won the Ciriza flying finish and the Premio de Montaña. The second classified in Puente La Reina was Patxi Peula and the third was the Colombian Álex Cuajavante in a sprint of five riders who entered the finish line 15 seconds behind Beddiaf.