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Baxur, ambassador of P2P

Baxur, ambassador of P2P

BAXUR is the ambassador of the P2P, a mythological being of our Basque culture, designed by Katuki Saguyaki, our collaborator with Mikel Urmeneta. According to the people of the valleys of Etxauri and Valdizarbe, he has been seen mimicking their mountains.

There are also those who claim to have seen him during some dark night in the streets of old Iruñea in the days before the P2P, making sure that everything was in order.

Cheerful when not hungry, with an empty stomach it is best to avoid him, for anything will appease his voracious appetite. He is reputed for his helpfulness to the elderly and for carrying the wounded and sick at full speed to where they can be healed.

But her powers are not limited to the surface: she also connects the wills of Lur-Ama with those of humans, and the ancestors with the living. She is the numen of health and good humor despite her rough appearance, and protects the hearts of those who join her.

Baxur nos recuerda la importancia de conservar y proteger nuestra cultura, geografía, costumbres y relacionarnos en el mundo, por eso, siente atracción por la P2P Pamplona Puente Skate Race.